Valco Precision Works went to Fabtech three years ago, and it was there at the trade show that I came across the AJAN booth, along with one of my engineers, Sergio. We were both convinced that buying a Plasmasonic machine was the right decision, and to this day we still love it. I feel fortunate to have found such a great machine at such a great price, but the true blessing is in the people that make up Ajan! —Leo Valerio from Valco Precision Works

Leo‘s father bought what is now Valco Precision Works in 1984, and had worked there since 1959. The family business began as a planing shop, with planing and shaping machines, and over time Leo has continually expanded his father’s vision. He has brought the company into many new industries by continuing to work with new technologies and machine types.

This determination to innovate new solutions led Leo to consider building a plasma cutting machine for Valco. When he discovered Ajan’s 8’ x 20’ CNC plasma cutting machine at Fabtech, it was an obvious solution, cutting down on costs and saving the time that would have been spent constructing one from scratch.

At that time Valco was ordering much of their material pre-cut from outside vendors, which would often take several extra days to be ready, and it was a lot more expensive. With this new plasma cutter they could now do all cutting in-house to save time and costs, and it opened up several new business opportunities as well.

“We are now able to cut tubes, which we couldn’t do before, and Sergio was able to come up with a program for cutting interpolated shapes. We can cut all shapes and sizes, square and round, and we’ve been able to take on many new jobs that previously we would have had to turn down.”

Leo’s initial concern with Ajan was geographical location. Being the second US customer to buy an Ajan machine, he wasn’t sure what to expect, but now seeing Ajan’s presence grow in the States, he’s seeing many other companies discover the same benefits and success that he has experienced in the last three years.

“You can buy a machine from any company, and it might be the best product, but if the people are jerks, you never want to buy from them again. The machine is great, don’t get me wrong, but the people at Ajan have continually gone above and beyond. I would recommend Ajan to anyone. Any time they’re in the area to service another company’s machine or do a training, they actually stop by and ask how I’m doing, and if there’s any way they can help me with my machine. I’ve even received extra service parts in the mail, which I thought at first were sent to the wrong company—it was a preventative measure for a possible heat issue that we hadn’t even encountered. We’re not even located in a hot state, but these kinds of proactive measures have been appreciated very much. Ajan truly cares about its customers.”

Valco is a family owned business dedicated to serving its clients with a team of honest and trustworthy individuals. Valco has 55 years of industry experience – quality is their top priority and customer satisfaction is an essential key to their success. Their capabilities range from prototyping and “difficult part” development, to production and concurrent engineering. Their expert staff is able to contribute ideas for improvement in manufacturing design, a key to generating superior results. Call Valco today – they’re your one stop shop for machining, fabrication and finishing.

Valco Precision Works
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