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The Best Solution For Machinists Needing A CNC Pipe Cutter

The AJAN BKM CNC SERIES has been designed for satisfying the requirements of the users to be able to cut pipes and sheet metal with CNC plasma cutting system.

First of all, the most important differences from the similar machines are that the conventional plasma cutting generator hasn’t been used and it has been equipped with Precision Plasma Series 130 Ampere or 260 Ampere precise cutting plasma generator, torch and the required gas selections can be made automatically.

For that reason, it can cut steel, chrome and aluminum pipes with high accuracy.

Technical Specifications BKM 6300 BKM 6600 BKM 2500
Unit 1 Unit 2
X Axis (Pipe Length) 20 ft / 40 ft 20 ft / 40 ft 20 ft
Min Working Diameter Ø 2” Ø 2” Ø 12” Ø 24”
Max Working Diameter Ø 12” Ø 12” Ø 24” Ø 100”
Max Pipe Thickness 130 Ampere 1” 1” 1” 1”
260 Ampere 1.57” * 1.57” * 1.57” * 1.57” *

* Maximum pipe thickness represent the maximum thickness that the plasma machine can cut. The pipe diameter and pipe length are important factors. The maximum pipe thickness is changeble according to the pipe diameter and pipe length. For more information about this subject, call +1 (224) 209-3833.

  • Both Units 1 and 2 should be ordered if 2″–24″ pipes will be cut
  • Custom lengths can be produced by request
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