Nesting & Optimization Software

AJANCAM Machining Software for Nesting & Optimization

Using Our Globally Recognized Machining Expertise, We Developed This Software For The Modern Machinist

Increased Productivity

AJAN is a globally known brand in metal cutting and machining. In the software field AJAN provides effective solutions to customers with their self-developed nesting software program, AJANCAM.

Ajancam automatic nesting and optimization software is easy to learn and practical to use. Ajancam increases productivity by providing quick and effective machining with less remnants. New versions of Ajancam will be developed and released in consideration of customer satisfaction and their feedback. With 40 years of experience, all parts of CNC machines including generators, servo motors, torches and CNC Units are manufactured by AJAN. Moreover, AJAN is the first company in this sector which developed its own Nesting Software Program.

AJANCAM Advantages

  • Many language options: English, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Polish & Hungarian
  • Runs under Windows 7, Windows XP & Vista operating systems
  • Free license for installation and no limited user
  • Simple and fast installation
  • With the user friendly interface easy and effective usage and fast adaptation
  • Free update opportunity of latest versions
  • Online remote assistance program and +90232 444 25 26 free technical support via our call center and online training opportunity.

Technical Specifications

  • Import CAD (*.dxf)
  • Automatic “Open Contour” cutting
  • Editing .dxf files with Move, Copy, Trim, Extend, Offset and Rotate commands
  • Drawing new .dxf files with Line, Rectangle, Circle, Arc, Polyline, Polygon, Dimension, Onsnap commands
  • Create private library option
  • Vectoral text writing
  • Automatic CAD files editing, error checking and correction
  • Automatic Marking

Automatic or Manual Nestingajancam-cam-section

  • Add Sheets of Different Sizes
  • Increasing Automatic/Manual Nesting Speed
  • Writes pose number on parts in a PDF report
  • Undo/Redo Feature in CAD and CAM Sections
  • Automatic Nesting: Nesting inside/between parts with minimum remnants
  • Manual Nestings: Interactive positioning with Move, Copy, Mirror, Rotate and Copy As Array commands
  • Redefine and position lead-in/lead-out (Arc Line)
  • Tool path is optimized according to machine in x-y axis
  • Recall and modify option for previous nesting
  • Tracking and editing option per part
  • Measure nesting area for suitable sheet sizes
  • Automatic/Manual Remnant Cutting

Technical Specificationsajancam-cnc-output-reporti

  • Automatic CNC code (.Essi-Gkod-dxf)
  • Simulation of nesting cutting order
  • PDF Report System: Nesting view, sheet size, material, cutting ampere, cutting order, part weight, total parts weight, part cutting time, sheet weight, total cutting time, cutting length nesting information, all necessary data for cost accounting.
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