AJAN Jet Filter System for CNC Plasma Cutting

Jet Filtering System for CNC Plasma Cutting

Standard with AJAN CNC Plasma Tables

Ajan Jet Filter Systems are specially designed for heavy industry conditions. As a result of long lasting research and development work; with less air consumption and automatic filter cleaning property, the operation costs are reduced to minimum.

System Features

  • Efficient filtering, more than 99%.
  • Filtering is done by applying pulse pressure.
  • Flame resistant filters.
  • High volume particles collecting buckets.
  • Self cleaning feature.
  • Low operation costs.
Technical specifications AJF8 AJF12 AJF16
Max air volume m3 / hour 8000 12000 16000
Filter number 8 12 16
Total filtered area 2067 ft2 3100 ft2 4133 ft2
Input voltage 380V/3 ph 50Hz 380V/3 ph 50Hz 380V/3 ph 50Hz
Power 5.5 kw 11 kw 11 kw
Efficiency 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
Cleaning style Pressured Air Pressured Air Pressured Air
Dust holding bucket 2 2 2
Height 7.25 ft 8.71 ft 10.18 ft
Width 11.29 ft 11.29 ft 11.29 ft
Length 5.41 ft 5.41 ft 5.41 ft
Weight 9.33 ft 10.81 ft 12.29 ft

Mechanical Air Suction System

The cutting smog is sucked out by mechanical air suction system, which is mounted on the cutting table. There is no extra cost needed for pneumatic suction mechanism.

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