Jim Craig has been in manufacturing for almost 25 years. Begining in North Carolina, he worked with a few manufacturing companies in the Carolinas, eventually moved to Tennessee for two years, spent some time in China and Germany, and then came to Houston, TX in 2006 to work with Mitsubishi Catapillar Forklifts. With worldwide manufacturing experience, Jim is now the Plant Manager at Electro-Mechanical Industries (EMI), where they make skids and oil field equipment, and mounting plates and face plates for railroad industry platforms. They also make component parts for cable management systems in the oil and gas industries.

As EMI has grown over the years, their production requirements have increased greatly, and they’ve expanded their operations in several areas. They experienced some growing pains as their needs outgrew their vendors, and the parts they needed would get hung up at other facilities, causing delays. Last year, Jim went with the owner of EMI to Fabtech in search of a better solution.

“We ran across Ajan at Fabtech and were impressed with what we saw. Back home we got the machine started up, and it’s been cutting every day since. We’ve had a couple wrinkles with processes here and there, but Oscar from Ajan came over to do some onsite training at our facility, and since then we’ve had great success. We also hired an experienced operator who knew the plasma cutting technology, and ever since he came on board we’ve been able to run up to 1.5″ parts, or even 2″ parts burned with a torch, and there is next to no cleanup needed. We can cut a whole 16×16′ sheet with holes of all sizes, and it’s been pretty much non-stop running. We’re very happy with our Ajan plasma cutter.”

EMI has been able to increase production and now has much greater control over their parts quality and delivery time.

One thing that really intrigued us about Ajan was that most competitors machines are made from components that come from several different vendors. So we would contact a manufacturer from support, and they’d say ‘Oh that part of the machine is made by another company; you’ll have to call them.’ With Ajan we don’t have to talk with 3 different vendors just to work through an issue, we can go right to one company and know who we’re talking with. They have great support.—Jim Craig

EMI is known for designing and fabricating cable management systems for customer-specific applications. Their design team provides new solutions to the challenges facing a dynamic industry, and their stainless steel drag chains are the best and most reliable in the industry. Contact Electro-Mechanical Industries for all your engineering needs in the oil, gas and telecommunications industries today.

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