For ten years, Ecosphere Technologies has provided industrial water management solutions to the world’s gas and oil industries. They manufacture technology that manages wastewater and helps protect the environment.

Ted Thomas came on board three years ago as machine shop supervisor.

“The majority of the products we were producing were made from stainless steel, and we were outsourcing just about all of the parts. We had most of it cut across the street from a guy who had a laser cutter, but it was expensive. It was a really big part of our business, and we just didn’t have the level of control over quality and delivery that we needed to have.”

Looking to increase production quality and speed, and lower outside costs, Ecosphere decided to bring production in-house, but a laser cutter seemed pretty expensive. The best solution for their situation was to get an Ajan 10×20’ Plasma Cutter, and Ted’s been very happy with that purchase.

I always tell everybody: I can’t find a thing wrong with it. It has performed flawlessly for a year, and we’ve had zero trouble with the Ajan plasma cutter. We use it every day, and it works perfectly, to tell you the truth. About a month after we got it, we did have one issue, but we called up the Ajan rep and they gave us a great training session. After that we’ve had no trouble operating it ourselves.—Ted Thomas

Most of Ecosphere’s products are now made from aluminum, and they cut everything on the plasma cutter including all the sheets that cover the boxes, and aluminum and steel piping.

Recently Ecosphere has put out two new products. One is the Ecos PowerCube, which is a solar energy generating station in a portable container with solar panels that automatically deploy, and the other is the Ecos GrowCube—a container-sized piece that grows plants in a strict, controlled environment, like a mobile greenhouse.

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