Alliance Iron Works purchased its first AJAN machine in February 2012. We love our AJAN machine. It runs all day everyday like a champ. It has incredible precision and can hold tight tolerances. Since purchasing the machine in 2012, Alliance purchased another AJAN machine in May 2013. Ajan has a great product and great IT support to back it up. —Mike Madden from Alliance Iron Works

Mike Madden has been selling welding supplies for 35 years. He got his start early on when larger corporations started buying and selling welding supplies, putting the smaller mom and pop type of companies out of business. As the industry became more and more competitive, welding salaries started going down, and it didn’t look good for the smaller suppliers.

This was where Mike saw real opportunity, and he went for it. Starting with only a couple machines, he built Alliance Iron Works with the aim of always producing quality parts that would stand out from the rest, and that has remained a consistent goal all these years later.

It was Mike’s persistence in providing the best parts with accurate, tight tolerances that brought him to purchase an Ajan 8×20 CNC Plasma Cutter. Two years later, he bought a second one. “When I was making parts for utility pole companies using other machines, we had issues with tolerances. The machines would be a pain to clean up, and some of them had major issues,” Mike said. “With my Ajan machines, the quality is perfect. I don’t have any issues with the quality of the parts, the cleanup is little to none, and the reliability of the equipment is great. I’ve been running these machines for 3 years with no major problems.”

Mike said this really surprised him: “With the other guys [machines], you have problems all the time. Before we bought the second Ajan plasma cutter, we would run the first one for 20 hours a day for 2 years straight with no issues. That really convinced me to buy the second one.”

Alliance Iron Works provides some of the highest quality metal fabrication in the industry. They provide their services on time, on budget, and with service standards second to none. They’re located in Burlseton, TX. Give them a call today for all of your parts needs.

Alliance Iron Works
837 Mockingbird Lane
Burleson, TX 76028
Phone: (817) 295-0277

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