11 Jun 2015
June 11, 2015

AJAN plasma tables cut flawlessly

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Cut metal plates and pipes with ease knowing that our excellent customer support is backed by over 40 years of excellence. Thousands of satisfied customers have agreed that AJAN CNC plasma cutters are very reliable.

The standard CNC plasma cutting machine comes in over 150 different sizes with machine lengths ranging from 10–100’ and gantry sizes ranging from 5–13’. It cuts mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum with a high level of efficiency.

Combined CNC plasma table with pipe cutting attachmentThe CNC control unit comes with free CAD/CAM nesting and optimization software which was custom-developed specifically for these machines. The software is easy to learn and practical to use for quick and effective machining with less remnants.

The AJAN BKM pipe cutting attachment comes with a 130 or 260 amp plasma generator which cuts chrome, steel and aluminum pipes with very high accuracy. Cut pipes up to 100’ long and all the way up to 6’ in diameter. The 260 amp model pipe cutter goes through pipes up to 4” max thickness.

Oxy-fuel and bevel cutting systems provide flexibility to make straight cuts and angled cuts from 0–60°. The bevel head has a maximum rotation angle of 540°. Change from square to bevel cutting with the press of a button, and cut with confidence, with full collision protection.

AJAN CNC plasma cutters are backed by a 2-year warranty with quick over-the-phone service provided by experienced professionals. Service technicians are available for on-site installation and maintenance in Mexico, United States and Canada, and all parts and consumables ship quickly as needed.

Call today for a free consultation and get a quote same-day to help plan your next plasma purchase.

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