About AJAN USA – Manufacturer of CNC Plasma Solutions

AJAN Electronics has been producing high tech metal working machinery since 1973. During the years we have produced more than 6,000 machines, working in approximately 40 countries all over the world. All of these machines are still in working condition and the spare parts needed are in stock at AJAN.

Today, with our four production factories and over 300 employees, AJAN Electronics is the market leader in Turkey and has a globally increasing market share in CNC plasma.

Ajan machines
Ajan warehouse
Ajan machines

Customer needs and expectations are changing day by day, so AJAN Electronics focuses on:

  • Research & Development
  • Training
  • Using Time Effectively & Correctly

These are just a few of AJAN’s key operating principles. The main objective of our company is providing affordable hi-tech machinery with an emphasis on reliable after sales service, to keep our customers satisfied.

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