AJAN CNC ® shining star of the plasma cutting machine sector.

About us

Specializing in producing plasma cutting machines since 1973.

AJAN CNC has been one of the most trusted names in the plasma cutting industry that makes domestic production in its sector, as well as one of the most quality brands that has proven itself to the world with its machines operating in more than 70 countries. 

AJAN produces technology, not importing it.  Our goal is to be able to offer the advanced technology at an affordable cost and maintain continuous customer satisfaction before and after sales. 

Permanent Solutions For All Problems


AJAN CNC offers permanent solutions for our customers concerns or problems.  Our great team consists of technical support, engineers and drafters. 

Depending on your demands or needs, AJAN CNC offers specific selections to raise your cutting quality.

To learn more about our solution methods, please contact our experts!

It’s All About Customers

AJAN CNC is a company that focuses on customer satisfaction.

Our Call Center was implemented to provide the highest quality of sales and service support. Prior to a sale, our skilled representatives will discuss your requirements and generate a solution to meet your needs.

Our well-educated support team is always ready to assist our customers because the most significant factor for us is Customer Satisfaction!